Thursday, September 10, 2015

Character Development

I have so much I wish I could write. I don't do much these days except nurse Owen and read books or watch tv. We watch PBS Kids and BYUtv during the day. I am loving the BYU devotionals and the BYUtv episodes of Turning Point especially. I have so many thoughts after the devotionals and wish I could write them all down. I'm way behind though and don't have time at the computer much (Owen has been having a rough week - really fussy, possibly colic?) But this past Tuesday I watched the live devotional with BYU President Worthen. He talked about character and becoming. It went along with so many thoughts that Corey has shared with me lately, about how hard work is and how "he wasn't in this for the personal growth." He wanted to have, but God wants him to become, hence all the opportunities afforded him for character development. That's what we're all here for. On Tuesday I also finished reading the book "Preemptive Love" (recommend!)
The author, Jeremy Courtney, seems to have righteous desires and just wants to do some good and help, but wow, even with his heart already in the right place he still had a ton of growing experiences! (...and some of his make ours not seem so bad!) Everyone has trials, and they seem to be perfectly tailored to us. And just when one trial ends, there is another situation ready to take it's place. And that's because that is what we are here on earth for. I also loved these Turning Point episodes that are using cars (Naskarz), construction (Hana Build), ballet, parkour, rowing, etc, as a means to help youth and people BECOME. That is God is doing too - that's what we are here on earth for - to have these experiences that will help mold our character to hopefully become like our Savior and our Father in Heaven.
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