Saturday, December 21, 2013

Belief Box

Here is a pic I took from book "Through His Eyes" by Virginia Pearce. This is "The Map"
 First step on the map to our thoughts is Sensory Input which comes from external data or experience.
 Next comes the Belief Box - the thoughts we have about that input
Our thoughts about the input lead to our emotions and feelings about the input, which can be good or bad depending on our thoughts about it.
Followed by our actions and behavior, which is how we react to the input
...which actions were decided upon by our thoughts and beliefs in our BELIEF BOX. The Belief Box is really where it all happens and is the one place where we can really take control of the situation. Our thoughts in the Belief Box fall into three Categories:

  1. Beliefs that are always true - Eternal Truth, or Truth with a capital T.
  2. Beliefs that can be true, like good tips and/or advice
  3. Beliefs that are lies

I'll update more soon with a few examples of these situations in everyday life. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Truth of All Things

I loved loved loved this talk by Ryan Holmes which was rebroadcast this past Wednesday - "The Truth of All Things" - it was amazing. (text here)-

It seemed to be a perfect collection of all the ideas and thoughts that have been floating around in my head, teachings I've loved from other books and talks - two things that I can remember off the top of my head were: Being Present! (from Amy Jensen's talk and from Bob Greene's book, he referred to giving our food our full attention, to the Change Your Life Challenge of giving your kids 5 minutes of uninterrupted time) accepting Truth! - that's from Virgina Pearce's book and from John Pontius "Following the Light of Christ" where he talks about the voices in our heads. So good, please listen to it!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Live Your Life With Purpose

Wow, once again, the 11:00 BYU devotional yesterday was exactly what I needed to hear. (I love the BYU Devotionals!) There seems to be a recurring theme of topics in these devotionals that are meant for me, which can be summed up as "be proactive, don't let life just happen to you! Make a plan!" ~ the challenge is figuring out how to do it. Still figuring it out, and I love working on it. So, here's more food for thought by Janie Penfield in her talk "Life Your Life With Purpose", given 5 Feb 2013 - (text here)

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