Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Power of Your Words

Yesterday I listened to the BYU live devotional - Apostle Quentin L. Cook spoke. I have thoughts about his message that I hope to share later. After watching a small snippet of Elder Cooks talk on Youtube, this talk below came up next on the playlist. I listened to it, intrigued by the title. It is something that Corey and I need to work on. Wesley had asked me on Monday on the drive down to his band practice this "Does Dad like having us?" Us meaning so many children, cause often Corey verbalizes how the chaos and mess of our large family is really hard for him to handle

I'm sure there are lots of things I say too about the mess and such that make them feel bad - our words have power, we should use them carefully. Anyway, great talk, the text should be posted here shortly.

Here we are a few weeks later (Feb 28) and this message about words is sent to me again via my Ann Voskamp email subscription - This blog post talks about choosing our words carefully, like we should our wardrobe - choose things that spark joy (I like that book!)

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